How to embed charts in websites

In this article we’ll see how to add a chart into a website like Wix. We use Wix as an example but for other website builders, the process should be similar.

Start by generating your chart. Go to Charttt editor and edit your chart. When you’re done click Use.

Then, copy the URL

Now head over to your Wix site editor. In the editor, go to the page where you’d like to add the chart, and click

1) the Add button
2) Image
3) My Image Uploads

In the dialog that opens, click Upload Media button.

In the next dialog:

1) Click the Link button
2) Paste the chart URL that you’ve copied
3) Click the Import button

1) You'll see a short progress bar
2) Once it is completed make sure that he chart you’ve just uploaded is marked

3) Click the Add to page button

That’s it! You should now see the chart on your page like this: