How to embed charts into markdown files

Embedding charts in markdown is super simple.


This technique works on any markdown including Github, blogs, etc.

It works without installing any plugins and without hosting the chart image anywhere.

First, let’s see how to add an image to a markdown file - this is done exactly like adding a link, but with a prefix of exclamation mark:

![alt text]( "image title")

And this is the result:

"image title"

To get your chart URL head over to charttt editor and design your chart. When done click the “Use” button:

In the dialog that opens, copy the image URL:

Now go to your markdown file and paste the URL with an image syntax:

![My Chart](,center/d_1.5,1,3,2,4/dl_Series%201/d_1,2,1.5,3,2.5/dl_Series%202/?l=A|B|C|D|E "My Chart"

And here’s the result:

My Chart

TADA! That’s it!

Now you know how to embed charts into markdown files.