How to embed charts in emails

In this article we’ll see how to add a chart into an email sent from a mail client like gmail.


If you want to learn how to embed charts into newsletters or transactional emails that you send using services like MailChimp or PostMark, check out Embedding charts in newsletters 

Start by generating your chart. Go to Charttt editor and edit your chart. When you’re done click Use.

Then, copy the URL

Now head over to your mail client. In this example we’ll use GMail.

In Gmail, click in the insert photo button as seen below:

Then, click the Web Address (URL) tab, paste the chart URL, and click Insert

If your mail client does not support adding images from URL, you’ll have to get the image file itself.

To do that, go back to the chart editor, and in the Use dialog select the Download option.

Now you can insert the image as file into your email.